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Business and Blogs - Report 1

Business And Blogs - Traffic and Income Report #1

From here on out, every two weeks, I will be giving a detailed report on the traffic and income coming through my new blog at I will show you how many visitors my site received, where they came from, and how much income was generated from the site. This video gives you a starting point so that you can see how much traffic the site is currently receiving and how much income it is currently generating. Check out this video, available to all Free and Pro members.

Removing The Date

Removing The Date From Posts

Sometimes you fall a little behind on your blogging and your last blog post was months ago… Because of this, several people have asked me now, "How do you remove the date from blog posts?". In this quick video tutorial for Pro members, I show you the exact steps that you can take to remove the date from posts.

Finding My Niche

Webinar Replay: Creating Niche Blogs

In the first ever WordPress Classroom webinar, we discussed niche blogging. I invited my good friend, Joe Fier, to join us on the call and we went through the steps of finding a good niche, picking our keywords, and discussing the content that we would use. In this hour long webinar, we went in to great detail to show you the exact steps that we use. All Pro and above level members have limited time access to this downloadable webinar replay. Make sure you check it out before next month's webinar goes live.

WordPress News

20,000 people make a living with WordPress

There was recently a poll over at and close to 20,000 people checked the box that stated that they make their living using WordPress. That's an impressive number and should be inspiration to everyone to continue to learn as much about WordPress as you can.

WordPress 3.1.2 Released

Yesterday saw the latest WordPress update, 3.1.2. This release addresses a vulnerability that allowed Contributor-level users to improperly publish posts. It is recommend that you update immediately if you allow users to register as contributors or if you have untrusted users.

Duster Theme To Be New Default

Do a Google search for the "Duster WordPress Theme". The theme that you find will most likely be the new default WordPress theme. With the release of WordPress 3.0, we were introduced to the Twenty Ten theme. Get ready to begin seeing Duster as the pre-installed default theme.


On The Blog

Creating a Membership Site

I was recently invited to do a guest post on one of my all time favorite blogs, The topic of my guest post was all about creating membership sites and was given the clever title, "7 Reasons Why Your Membership Site Sucks". I went in to great depth to discuss some of the mistakes that many people make (including me) when developing their membership sites.

1. You are not accessible
2. You Are Not Staying In Tune With What Your Members Want
3. You Are Not Engaging Them Through Multiple Forms of Media
4. You Are Trying To Drip Feed Your Content
5. You Are Not Setting Milestones For Your Members
6. Your Barrier To Entry Is Too High
7. You Are Not Reactivating Cancelled Members

Check out the entire article and please leave a comment by clicking on this link.

Product Review Spotlight

Popup Domination

Popup Domination

While building, I needed to add Popup Domination to my site. On my old blog,, it increased the amount of people that opted-in on my page from 4% to 12%. I hadn't moved it to the new site yet so I took this opportunity to show the installation process and give you a quick overview of the Pros and Cons of this list-building plugin. Check out my quick overview, available now to all Free and Pro members.


In The Forum…

Adding Drop Caps

WordPress Classroom Pro member, Steve Dougherty, shared a great tip inside the forum. Have you ever wanted to style your blog posts with a large first letter, similar to the way you see in magazines and books? Steve gives a great little tutorial on exactly how to do this. Click this link to check it out.

What Are You Looking For?

Is there a video that you want to see that's not in the site already? Head over to the "Request a Video" section of the forum and let us know. We do our best to fill the site with the content and tutorials that YOU are looking for.

Final Words

Monthly Forum Contests

Amazon Kindle - PRIZE!Don't forget about the huge prizes I'm giving away just for getting in the forum and helping out! So far the prizes are completely up for grabs!

Contest #1 - Best Quick Tip - Whoever posts the best quick tip between now and May 11th will win an Apple TV. Simply head over to the Tips & Tricks section of the forum and post your best tips. You can enter as many tips as you want. Starting on May 11th, we'll take a vote inside the forum for who's tip was the best. The winner will be announced during next month's webinar on May 18th. As soon as I receive your contact details, I'll send the Apple TV via two-day shipping.

Contest #2 - Most Helpful - Whoever helps out the most people in the forum between now and May 11th will receive an Amazon Kindle. So get active in the forum. The person with the most posts between now and May 11th will grab this prize. Quick posts such as "thanks for the tip", or "this is cool" will not be counted towards your post count. Only helpful posts that add to the discussion or help solve a problem will be counted. Once again, I will announce the most helpful person during our webinar on May 18th. As soon as I receive your details, the Kindle will be on its way. So get in to the forum and start talking!

Not a Member?

If you can't view the Pro videos or access the members forum, now is the absolute best time to upgrade to a Pro or Lifetime membership. I've got two special deals that are available for you right now. You can still get in for a first month trial at only $5 by clicking this special link. I'm also offering a special on a lifetime membership for $50 off of the normal price. Grab your lifetime membership deal through this special link.

Don't forget that you can now comment right on video pages. So feel free to let me know what you think of videos and ask your questions about the processes..

See you all in the forum!

- Matt Wolfe

The WP Classroom,
PO Box 710783
Santee, CA 92072, USA


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